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Appointment Opportunity

We know that our country is stronger — and our government more effective — when decision-makers reflect Canada's diversity. Moving forward, the Government of Canada will use an appointment process that is transparent and merit-based, strives for gender parity, and ensures that Indigenous Canadians and minority groups are properly represented in positions of leadership. We will continue to search for Canadians who reflect the values that we all embrace: inclusion, honesty, fiscal prudence, and generosity of spirit. Together, we will build a government as diverse as Canada.

The overarching goal of the President of the Treasury Board of Canada is to lead the management agenda of the government and oversee the implementation and delivery of Cabinet-approved initiatives.

The Government of Canada is currently seeking applications from diverse and talented Canadians from across the country who are interested in the followingposition:

Director (part-time position)

Public Sector Pension Investment Board

The Public Sector Pension Investment Board is a Crown corporation established by Parliament through the Public Sector Pension Investment Board Act to invest the amounts transferred by the Government of Canada for the pension plans of the federal public service; the Canadian Armed Forces – both Regular Force and Reserve Force; and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As of March 31, 2016, net assets under management were valued at $116.8 billion. The objectives of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, also known commercially as PSP Investments, are to manage the funds in the best interests of the contributors and beneficiaries, and to invest its assets with a view to achieving a maximum rate of return without undue risk of loss, having regard to the funding, policies, and requirements of the pension plans and their ability to meet their financial obligations.

A substantial time commitment (a minimum of 35 days annually) is expected of directors for participation in meetings, preparation for meetings, and travel. Additional time commitment is expected from any director acting as the Chair of the Board or as Chair of a Committee. All directors are expected to continuously strengthen their understanding of investment management and other related skills, including by participating in Director Orientation and Education Programs. Further information on the operations of the Board of Directors, its Committees, and expectations for directors can be found in the 2016 Annual Report.

Further details about the Board's activities can be found on the PSP Investments Web site. Legislative requirements can be found in the Public Sector Pension Investment Board Act.

Interested individuals should forward their curriculum vitae by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on April 7, 2017, to Russell Reynolds Associates by email at pspibboarddirector@russellreynolds.com. Your curriculum vitae must demonstrate that you meet the requirements of this position. A covering letter may also be submitted.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates who are chosen to advance in the selection process will be contacted.

Official Languages and Diversity

The Government of Canada will consider bilingual proficiency and diversity in assessing candidates for this position. You are therefore encouraged to include in your online profile your ability to speak and understand your second official language. Preference may be given to candidates who are members of one or more of the following groups: women, Indigenous Canadians, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities.

To be considered for this position, please provide examples from your career that clearly demonstrate how you meet the following requirements in your application:

Education and Experience

  • Experience as a CEO or C-suite executive;
  • Experience in leading and managing in a business or functional role at a large or complex company;
  • Experience managing a business with United States and/or international operations;
  • Exposure to investments or capital markets would be considered an asset; and
  • Governance experience serving on the board of a respected company would be considered an asset.

If you are selected for an interview, the following criteria will be assessed:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong financial literacy
  • Excellent understanding of the role of a director
  • General knowledge of pensions, investments and risk management
  • Ability to analyse and ask relevant questions at the strategic level
  • Ability to consider the perspectives of different stakeholders

Language Requirements

Proficiency in both official languages would be preferred.

If you move on to the next stage of the selection process, we will contact your references to verify how you have demonstrated the Experience requirements and the following Personal Attributes in your current and recently held positions:

  • Sound judgement
  • High ethical standards, integrity, and accountability
  • Awareness of the impact of organizational issues, policies, and decisions on public interest and concern
  • Highly motivated and committed to excellence

Eligibility Factors and Conditions of Employment

In your application, it will be important that you confirm you meet the following requirements:

  • You are not less than 18 years of age.
  • You are not of unsound mind and have not been so found by a court in Canada or elsewhere.
  • You do not have the status of a bankrupt.
  • You are not an employee of the Board, an agent or employee of Her Majesty in right of Canada, a member of the Senate or House of Commons of Canada, or a member of a provincial legislature.
  • You are not entitled to or subject to, and you have not been granted, a pension benefit under the Public Service Superannuation Act, the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act, or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act; or a superannuation or pension benefit of a prescribed kind that is payable out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund and is chargeable to a Superannuation Account or another account in the accounts of Canada or is payable out of a fund.
  • You are not an agent or employee of the government of a foreign country or any political subdivision of a foreign country.
  • You are a resident of Canada.
  • You are willing to travel across Canada.

If you are appointed to this position:

You must comply with the Ethical and Political Activity Guidelines for Public Office Holders throughout your appointment, as a term and condition of employment. The guidelines are available on the Governor in Council Appointments Web site, under Forms and reference material.

You will be subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. For more information, please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner's Website

A link to this notice will be placed in the Canada Gazette to assist the Governor in Council in identifying qualified candidates for this position. It is not, however, intended to be the sole means of recruitment.

A roster of qualified candidates may be established and may be used for similar opportunities.