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Director, Canada Development Investment Corporation,

Appointment opportunities

We know that our country is stronger — and our government more effective — when decision-makers reflect Canada's diversity. Moving forward, the Government of Canada will use an appointment process that is transparent and merit-based, strives for gender parity, and ensures that Indigenous Canadians and minority groups are properly represented in positions of leadership. We will continue to search for Canadians who reflect the values that we all embrace: inclusion, honesty, fiscal prudence, and generosity of spirit. Together, we will build a government as diverse as Canada.

The overarching goal of the Minister of Finance is to use the fiscal and budgeting tools at the government’s disposal to implement its New Plan for a Strong Middle Class.

The Government of Canada is currently seeking applications from diverse and talented Canadians from across the country who are interested in the following positions:

Director (part-time positions)

Canada Development Investment Corporation

Canada Development Investment Corporation is a federal Crown corporation that provides a commercial vehicle for Government of Canada equity investment and to manage commercial holdings of the Government of Canada. Canada Development Investment Corporation’s primary objective is to carry out its activities in the best interests of Canada, operating in a commercial manner. The Corporation reports to Parliament through the Minister of Finance.

In addition to certain activities of its own, Canada Development Investment Corporation has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation, Canada Eldor Incorporated, and Canada GEN Investment Corporation. Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation owns and manages a working interest in the existing Hibernia offshore oil development project. Canada Eldor Incorporated has no operations, but has responsibility for servicing liabilities, chiefly arising from the 1988 agreement of purchase and sale with Cameco Inc. GEN was incorporated in 2009 and held interests in General Motors Company that it acquired pursuant to a government directive and which have now been sold.

Canada Development Investment Corporation’s Board of Directors is composed of 6 appointed members, in addition to the Chair and the President (if any). The Board is responsible for the stewardship of Canada Development Investment Corporation and oversees its business and affairs, as well as ensuring that Canada Development Investment Corporation’s assets and liabilities are managed in a cost effective manner until such time as they are divested or transferred to the government.

Further details about the organization and its activities can be found on the Canada Development Investment Corporation's website.

Candidates must apply online by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on April 19, 2017, via the Governor in Council Appointments website. Your cover letter should be addressed to the Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Senior Personnel), Privy Council Office, and should be sent only through the online application.

Per diem: $450 - $600

Annual Retainer: $6,600 - $8,000

Official Languages and Diversity

The Government of Canada will consider bilingual proficiency and diversity in assessing candidates for these positions. You are therefore encouraged to include in your online profile your ability to speak and understand your second official language. Preference may be given to candidates who are members of one or more of the following groups: women, Indigenous Canadians, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities.

The Canada Development Investment Corporation also believes that representation on its board of directors from different geographical regions of Canada is important and preference may be given to candidates who bring geographic diversity to the Board.

To be considered for one of these positions, please provide examples from your career that clearly demonstrate how you meet the following requirements in your application:

Education and Experience

  • A degree from a recognized university, Community College or other post-secondary institution in a relevant field of study or an acceptable combination of education, job-related training and/or experience;
  • Experience in making important decisions or providing recommendations regarding important decisions which have financial and public policy implications;
  • Experience as a director in other medium or large corporations including(service on audit committees would be considered an asset);
  • Professional accounting or finance accreditation would be considered an asset;
  • Experience in risk assessment and management;
  • Experience dealing with businesses in a wide range of industries and activities (in particular, experience in the natural resources and/or infrastructure sectors would be considered an asset); and
  • Experience in any of the following would be considered an asset:
    • Experience dealing with central government ministries, preferably senior government officials;
    • Experience with human resources matters;
    • Experience in mergers and acquisitions, including privatization transactions; and
    • Experience in dealing with First Nations issues in commercial transactions.

If you are selected for an interview, the following criteria will be assessed:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the mandate and activities of Canada Development Investment Corporation;
  • Knowledge of corporate governance principles and best practices;
  • Financially literate: must be able to read, understand and analyze financial statements;
  • Informed judgment: the ability to provide wise counsel and consider strategic impact and relevant stakeholder perspectives;
  • Ability to quickly grasp complex business issues;
  • Sound policy and financial judgment;
  • A record of responsibility and accountability, dedication and loyalty;
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a collegial fashion, respecting the differing views of others and the ability to appropriately influence others in order to have a specific impact or effect; and
  • Commitment to the Canadian public interest and to self-improvement and growth as a director.

Language Requirements

Proficiency in both official languages would be preferred.

If you move on to the next stage of the selection process, we will contact your references to verify how you have demonstrated the Experience requirements and the following Personal Attributes in your current and recently held positions:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Sound judgment
  • High ethical standards, integrity and accountability
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Tact and diplomacy

Eligibility Factors and Conditions of Employment

In your application, it will be important that you confirm you meet the following requirements:

  • As a Governor in Council appointee, Canada Development Investment Corporation directors are subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. Canada Development Investment Corporation directors are also subject to the conflict of interest provisions in the Financial Administration Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act as well as those in Canada Development Investment Corporation’s by laws. Canada Development Investment Corporation’s board is also subject to a Canada Development Investment Corporation -specific Director Code of Conduct, including conflict of interest guidelines. These statutes and the Canada Development Investment Corporation Director Code of Conduct will not necessarily prevent a person with a conflicting interest from becoming a board member, but will limit the ability of that individual to participate in a decision of the Board on certain matters in which that director has a conflicting interest.
  • Typically, directors can expect to spend 10 to 12 days per year at in person Board meetings plus occasional conference call board meetings. Full board meetings typically require two full days and additional travel and preparation time. Most board members serve on one or more committees of Canada Development Investment Corporation and on the boards and committees of one or more of its subsidiaries. The successful candidate must be willing to travel across Canada to participate in these meetings in person.
  • No officer or employee of the Canada Development Investment Corporation or any of its affiliates, other than the chief executive officer, shall be a director of the Canada Development Investment Corporation (statutory).

If you are appointed to one of these positions:

You must comply with the Ethical and Political Activity Guidelines for Public Office Holders throughout your appointment, as a term and condition of employment. The guidelines are available on the Governor in Council Appointments Web site, under Forms and Reference Material.

You will be subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. For more information, please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner's website.

A link to this notice will be placed in the Canada Gazette to assist the Governor in Council in identifying qualified candidates for these positions. It is not, however, intended to be the sole means of recruitment.

A roster of qualified candidates may be established and may be used for similar opportunities.