New Approach to Governor in Council Appointments

The Government of Canada is moving quickly to apply a more rigorous approach to Governor in Council (GIC) appointments. The selection process will reflect the fundamental role that more than 1500 Canadians play in our democracy as they serve on commissions, boards, Crown corporations, agencies, and tribunals across the country.

The new appointment approach supports an open, transparent, and merit-based selection process – one that will result in the recommendation of high-quality candidates who achieve gender parity and truly reflect Canada’s diversity. The new approach will be:

  • Open and transparent
    • All GIC opportunities will be advertised on the GIC Appointments website and the website of the organization filling the position. In addition, leadership positions (chairs, CEOs, heads of agencies, agents and officers of Parliament, ombudsmen) and all full-time positions will be published in the Canada Gazette. Additional online and/or print media may be used in some cases.
    • Communication with the public about GIC opportunities is central to an open and transparent approach. In addition to information on the GIC Appointments website, Canadians can apply online for current and ongoing opportunities.
    • Candidates can register and create their account for GIC appointment applications here. Once the account has been created, candidates will then be able to apply to opportunities when they are posted on the GIC Appointments website.
    • Once appointments are made, they will be published on the Orders in Council Database.
  • Representative of Canada’s diversity
    • The appointments approach will ensure that Ministers’ recommendations take into consideration the desire for Governor in Council appointments to achieve gender parity and reflect Canada’s diversity, in terms of linguistic, regional and employment equity representation.
    • To meet these commitments, recruitment strategies and outreach activities will be used to reach qualified and diverse pools of candidates.
    • In addition, candidates for GIC positions will complete an online account, where they will provide information on their second official language proficiency, and voluntarily self-identify as a member of an employment equity group (women, Indigenous Canadians, visible minorities, persons with disabilities). Candidates can self-identify as a member of an ethnic or cultural group.
  • Merit-based
    • Position-specific recruitment strategies will be designed to attract diverse and highly qualified individuals to the position.
    • Each rigorous selection process will be based on advertised selection criteria developed for the position, and assessment of candidates against the criteria.
    • This assessment will be provided to the responsible Minister.
    • Rosters of individuals who are pre-qualified to serve on boards of directors of certain Crown corporations and administrative tribunals will be established. The roster system may be expanded to other organizations over time.
    • Reappointment recommendations will be merit-based. Merit will be assessed through a process that is reflective and appropriate for the organization’s mandate and operating context.

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