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Library of Parliament

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Prime Minister

Appointment Provisions

Parliament of Canada Act

The direction and control of the Library of Parliament, and of the officers and servants therewith, is vested in the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Commons.

The Parliamentary Librarian is appointed by the GIC by commission under the Great Seal to hold office during pleasure. The Parliamentary Librarian has the rank of a deputy head of a department.

The GIC may, by commission under the Great Seal, appoint an Associate Parliamentary Librarian to hold office during pleasure. The Associate Parliamentary Librarian shall execute and perform the duties and functions of the Parliamentary Librarian during the person’s absence, illness or other incapacity or during a vacancy in the office of the Parliamentary Librarian.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer, who is an officer of the Library of Parliament, is appointed by the GIC, by commission under the Great Seal, to hold office during pleasure for a renewable term of not more than five years. The GIC may select the Parliamentary Budget Officer from a list of three names submitted in confidence, through the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, by a committee formed and chaired by the Parliamentary Librarian.


Interim Parliamentary Librarian
L'Heureux, Sonia
North Gower, Ontario
During Pleasure
Parliamentary Budget Officer
Fréchette, Jean-Denis
Gatineau, Quebec
Full-Time Appointment
During Pleasure